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From: Liz Tomey

RE: Trying To Create A Monthly Income
- Please Help!

Dear Monthly Income Seeker,

Hi I'm Liz Tomey and since 2004 I've been making money online in over 22 niches using various types of business models, but the one that makes me the most money and pays my bills each and every month is... membership site business model!

Having a monthly income is what keeps my bills paid each and every month. Until you have a monthly income coming in, your bills aren't going to get paid each month. You're constantly going to be worrying about what to do next to make more money.

And you can forget about ever quitting your job until you're making enough monthly recurring income to pay all your bills!

I've been where you are before... Trust me!

Beating your head against the wall trying to find that ONE solution to be able to pay your bills each month... It's so tough with so many options out there, but...

Just for a minute imagine you have a membership site that pays every single bill you have each month...

It pays your mortgage/rent, your water bill, your electric bill, your Internet bill, your cable bill, your car payment, your insurance payment, your credit card payments, and any and all bills you have.

Close your eyes and just imagine that for a moment...

Money coming in month after month and ALL your bills are paid!

What would that be like for you?

Would it give you extra money to travel? Would it give you extra money to do fun things with your family? Would it give you extra money to put away for your kids college? Would it give you extra money __________________________. You fill in the blank!

Having a monthly membership site that makes you money month after month can give you some serious financial freedom and now I want to give you a HUGE opportunity to have your very own membership site that's completely done for you and ready to go in an ULTRA profitable niche!

Let me give you a glimpse into how profitable membership sites can be!

Here's just a few of my membership sites and the money they pump out...

Now imagine yourself building a membership like just like I have done and creating your very own membership site to pay your bills each and every month!

Do you think if I gave you everything you needed (website, content, training, etc) that you could be doing the same thing?

Of coure you could and that's exactly what I'm about to do for you!

This "ready to go system" will allow you to have everything you need to create a 12 month membership in the uber profitable blogging niche!

The blogging niche has exploded over the last few years and people are buying everything they can get their hands on to learn to be a blogger and make money doing it! That's exactly why I have created this membership for YOU! I want you to be able to cash in on the rabid niche and HELP the people in this niche all at the same time.

It's going to feel great to help people and make money at the same time!

Here's exactly what you'll be getting with this ready to go system...

You'll get your own ready to go sales system that includes, graphics, copy, and professional design!

Simply upload this, add your name, and order button (I'll even show you how) and you're ready to start taking orders for your site! I had the graphics professionaly done along with all the copy to entice people to join your blog coaching membership site!

With this component you'll get a ready to go member's area with 12 monthly download pages for each month of content you can give your members!

This member's area is ready to go with all 12 lesson's content and complete with navigation links so your member's can easily navigate their membership.

Not only that, but we have monetized each page for you. Simply add your affiliate link and when your members purchase anything you'll get paid. Yet another income stream totally built in for you!

And yes I will show you how to upload this so your member's are able to access everything!

This is the heart of your membership site! Each month you'll provide your member's with a lesson that will help them create a blog that they can make money with!

This is the in demand content that your member's will be paying you each month for and we've created it ALL for you. You'll get all 12 months of content all ready to go right inside your member's area. You don't have to do anything to make sure they get it with the way we've designed this!

Each month your member's will get an email that will give them access to their monthly content. We've created 12 different emails for this, but we didn't stop there! We created 37 MORE emails that help your members even more AND promote related products with YOUR affiliate link.

That's a total of 49 emails that will be delivered to your member's over a 12 month period of time giving them access to their content, helping them with their goal of creating a money-making blog, AND making you money with promotional offers!

This is the "secret sauce" that will give you even more income!

Now I could have stopped with what I gave you above because that's all you really need to get started!

BUT... I went even further and created an affiliate tools page for you that you can use to get affiliates to promote your membership site for you!

Affiliates can make you money really quick, but they usually wont promote if you don't give them the tools to do so. That's why I created a full blown affiliate tools page for you that is ready to go with everything you need!

I'm not going to stop at giving you everything you need to create your very own 12 month membership site. I'm even going to train you to set it up and start getting members right away!

This bonus training and coaching is just more than a few "things" I threw together. They're like getting an entire marketing "how to" for free!This bonus training and coaching is just more than a few "things" I threw together. They're like getting an entire marketing "how to" for free!

Just look at the bonus training you're going to get...

With these amazing bonuses you'll learn everything you need to know to get your membership site up and running and making you money.

I'm giving you EVERYTHING here... EVERYTHING you need to have a membership site, and EVERYTHING you need to learn to market it so you can get paying customers in giving you their money each and every month!

But... Yep... It gets even better!

I've now shown you every single thing you're getting here and you know that this is a huge chance to finally get your own membership site up and running and making you money, but I know you're money means a lot to you...

So I've decided to take all the risk here... Take this membership site, go through the coaching and training, get the help you need from me and at the end if it's just not for you, I'll give you every single penny of your money back!

You've got 60 days to give everything a good run and if it doesn't work out I guarantee I'll give you your money back...

It's that simple!

I'm giving you every single thing you need to succeed here including coaching with me! This offer just can not get any better and IS your best chance at having your own membership site that can create a monthly income for you.

Just to recap here's everything you're getting...

Ready To Go Sales System
To get the graphics created for this would be at least $200, to have the copy created would be another $1,000, and to have someone put it all together for you would cost you another $250. But we've done it all for you!
Ready To Go Member's Only Area
You're getting 12 pages for your member's area with the content already built in. Not only that, but I've even put "built in" money makers on each page too! To have something like this created would cost you about $100 a page! But we've done it all for you!
Ready To Go Member Content
You're getting 12 months of content all related to teaching your member's to make money with a blog. Each month could be a product of it's own. This is beefy content and would cost you at least $500 for each month of content! But we've done it all for you!
Ready To Go Member Emails
I've created 49 emails that deliver your content each month, teach your members, and promote related products with your affiliate link to make you even more money. It would cost at least $50 an email to have these created for you! But we've done it all for you!
Ready To Go Affiliate Tools Page
This affiliate tools page is the key to getting people to promote your membership site for you! To have the page created would cost around $250, and the tools another $200. But we've done it all for you!

Yes that's a real world value of $11,550 to have all of this done for you, but I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that!

Not even half of that!

Not even a quarter of that!

As a special launch price you can get everything here for only $97 $47, but you've got to act now before the special launch pricing expires!

This Offer Expires In:
Click on the buy button below to get this special pricing and you can get instant access, follow along with the "Ready To Go In 2 Hours Setup Workshop" you're getting as a bonus, and you can have a membership site up and ready to make you money in about 2 hours from right now!

Your Own Blog Membership Site

To Your Success!

Liz Tomey

Question #1: Liz, Do I need anything else to use what I'm purchasing here?

Answer #1: You don't need anything but the normal online business stuff. You'll need a domain name, hosting, and an autoresponder. I explain all of this when I show you how to set everything up and even give you the best recommendations too!

Your Own Blog Membership Site